Picutres of Chloé

Saying goodbye is never easy | Farewell article

Perhaps one of the most meaningful ways YEE helps promote youth leadership is simply by being an entirely youth-led and independent organisation. Young people coming together to organise, fundraise, manage, learn…

SWITCH Networking event in Prague

The goal of the event is to promote the work done in the SWITCH project, to showcase the work of the nine participants who finished the course and to gather and strengthen the cooperation of organisations, civil society organisations, movements and party-political organisations, as well as participants who are interested in this topic.

Call for Organisational training | Showcasing the Unheard

Online Training to Central and Eastern Europe (youth-led NGOs or youth groups in Central and Eastern Europe} with access to a facility/venue to work with marginalised youth on the local level.

3 Billion Trees - Can the EU do it? ​

Without a doubt, trees are incredibly important to our natural environment - they provide crucial roles in various ecosystems, are home to many diverse species, absorb carbon, improve human health and well-being and serve essential roles in flood control and water filtration. This EU pledge plans to do just that. Is this promise too good to be true?

Introducing Vladislava | Showcasing the Unheard

Meet Vlada, an 18 years old activist from St. Petersburg, Russia. Vlada coordinates Fridays for Future Russia and is especially interested in the melting of permafrost in Russia, the fate of indigenous peoples, ecofeminism, food security, and a just transition. She studies ecology at a Russian state university and dreams of doing a master's degree on climate change in Europe, as this subject is not available anywhere in Russia.

COP27 Reflections - Eva

There are many things that are wrong with COPs and which should be improved. However, we, the civil society, should not give up and hand this conference to private companies and lobbyists trying to influence politicians for their own gains, even though it brings so much frustration.