Being a Leader in an Environmental Organisation

This booklet can be your starting point to becoming a more effective leader. We will help you identify your leadership style, get a deeper knowledge of your organisation, learn more about project management, work on your skills in facilitating, giving feedback, motivating others and dealing with conflict.

EVS for Environment

YEE decided to create a booklet 'EVS for Environment' presenting what EVS volunteers in YEE do for environment. You can find there examples of activities that volunteers took part in and created.

Discover Nature: Tools for environmental education

The booklet 'Discover Nature. Tools for environmental education' contains a set of methods of environmental education which have been tried and tested by many European organizations working in the field of youth, protection of nature and environmental education.

Environmental Management Systems

This booklet is an introduction to the complex world of environmental management with its language, legislative framework, PDCA cycles, ect. It is available in 5 languages, English, Czech, German, Albanian & Macedonian.

Games for Nature

Booklet 'Games for Nature' is a toolkit where people can find inspiration for their work with children in nature. You can download English, Czech or Russian versions.