On-arrival training – post by Tasha

The middle of October, and my second week in the Czech Republic was pretty amazing as I took a part in On-arrival training in Bohuslavice, near Telč. Together with 22 other volunteers who came from different European countries I spent five days at the farmstead located in the middle of this small but picturesque village. 

One of the main aims of this training was creating a network of people who would later help each other, travel together and make this volunteering experience the best possible. It wasn’t a difficult thing to do at all, cause among my co-volunteers I could feel good vibes from the very beginning.

Of course, we were not just there to hang out, but to learn more about all volunteering practicalities and the beautiful host country. Thanks to a super dedicated team of trainers, we gained basic knowledge about Czech history, culture, politics and social issues in the country. Anything that would help us better adapt to a new culture.

The session about art and culture was of particular interest to me, and thanks to Filip and Ado I found out the best of Czech cinematography and music. I couldn’t wait to explore further on my own.

Throughout the program, we felt free to talk about ourselves and our cultures, the reasons why we are here. We showcased our talents and shared skills, and everyone had enough space to express themselves creatively. 

The weather was perfect and we had enough free time to visit Telč, a beautiful small town that is well known for its town square that is UNESCO World Heritage Site and had a nice walk.

I am looking forward to the mid-term meeting, but also to other journeys we planned till then!