YEE Working Groups

What is a working group?

YEE working groups focus on one topic which is of interest for the YEE network.

They generally consist of 5-20 members who are learning and collaborating together online.

The working groups serve as a space to explore a topic, exchange best practices and create new materials.

How does a working group work together?

The working group members have regular calls, home materials to read and projects defined by the working group to work on. Communication happens through Skype, e-mail, a shared drive, and any other desired communication platform.

Working group members are expected to be present at online meetings and to contribute within their capacities to the functioning of the working group.

Every working group functions as a safe space for everyone to share opinions and experiences in a respectful way.

Who can participate?

European youth workers, young leaders and young volunteers from any gender which are active within the YEE network, the YEE partners or other youth organisations that share the values of YEE.

We welcome people who are new to the topic and are happy to learn, as well as people who are more experienced in the topic.


Find out more about our existing working groups below.

Advocacy Working Group

Advocacy Working Group

Gender Working Group

Gender Working Group

YEE Foodprint Working Group

YEE Foodprint Working Group