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Alessia: My experience as a facilitator

Read about Alessia's experience as a Prep-Team Member and facilitator for the April seminar 'Know Your Grassroots'.

Radhima Visitor Center: a multi-functional place

With the support of UNDP, Milieukontakt Albania our Member Orgainsation is running the project “Implementing Strategic Plan at Radhima Visitor Centre”. The project aims to support the functionality of the Visitor Centre and implementing Strategic Plan of Karaburun-Sazane Marine Park in Radhima, raising the awareness, inform/educate local communities and Marine Protected Areas users group on the value and benefits of MPAs.

Circular Economy in Albania, just a glimpse

Do you know what circular Economy is? Do you want to be part of this circle? EDEN center will implement for 10 month the project “Bringing circular economy out of shade – a brand attitude for active society” through Co-PLAN Institute for Habitat Development.

Upcoming Annual Meeting 2019

The 2019 Annual Meeting will take place at the Ecological Centre, “Kapraluv Mlyn” in Ochoz u Brna, Czech Republic on 7th-9th of July 2019. All related information and documents about the upcoming Annual Meeting can be found here.

{CLOSED} 10 month volunteering opportunity!

YEE is looking for a volunteer to join us for 10 months from September 2019 to volunteer at our office in Prague, Czech Republic. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to volunteer at an environmental youth organisation.

Call for Participants: 'Create Your Grassroots' Training Course

Open Call for Participants: International Training Course "Create Your Grassroots". Would you like to learn and practice diverse tools and methods of grassroots project management, learn how to work with local authorities and get funding and support for grassroots actions, plan and initiate a movement yourself? Check out our call!