Prep-Team Experience with YEE

When I noticed the announcement for the possibility of being a Prep-Team member for the ‘Know Your Grassroots’ seminar which was a part of  YEE’s ‘Let Grassroots Grow’ project, I thought that this could be one of the best experiences of my life.

During the whole process which included selection of Prep-Team members, selection of participants, Prep-Team meetings, implementation of the seminar and so on, it was a unique story with its ups and downs. It was not the worst and was not the best. Thereby, I feel lucky to be part of this process and meet with each person who took part in our meetings and seminar. I feel lucky because I believe that the best learning experience must be in a way which fully comprises its ups and downs without any exclusion during the whole process.

Also, the experience was so precious for me because we aimed at talking about grassroots movements. In a world where people deserve to participate in decision-making processes and change the course of daily-life accordingly, the introduction of grassroots movements and revealing prominent examples in this seminar were quite successful and meaningful in my opinion. I hope that the participants who are our lovely friends, also enjoyed the seminar and already initiated their own grassroots activities, projects and movements in their own local areas. Lastly, I would like to Thank my Prep-Team friends (Alessia, Agne, Peter & Romy), project coordinator (Cansu) and YEE’s former Secretary General (Masha) for their bright and breezy companionship.

Barış Can Sever