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Eco-anxiety is defined as chronic fear stemming from the irreversible impact of climate change, which poses a complex challenge due to the lack of clear solutions. Eco-anxiety especially affects young people, who worry about not being able to live in a clean, healthy and sustainable future, and many times hinders their capacity to be involved in advocacy efforts, as this fear overwhelms them and results in isolating them from their community. Despite this growing phenomenon, the mental health impacts of climate change remain under-researched, especially in socially vulnerable communities.

The project addresses this gap by adopting an integrated approach aiming to raise awareness, share knowledge, and provide resources, ultimately driving action on climate-related mental health.

Who is the project for?

The project focuses on providing support and resources for young individuals who are experiencing eco-anxiety. It aims to create a safe space for them to express their feelings and concerns about the environment and equip them with the necessary tools to cope with these emotions in a healthy manner.


Raise awareness among youth on eco-anxiety and mental health impacts of climate change, with a vision to empower them with information for informed discussions and meaningful action to cope with it.

Build capacity among youth workers to include eco-anxiety in trainings addressed to youth.

Support young people affected by eco-anxiety to advocate more confidently for their mental health rights in decision-making processes related to climate change.

Promote inclusivity through creating a safe space for young people to share their experience related to mental health challenges deriving from climate change impacts.

Facilitate collaboration, sharing of strategies and collective learning among YEE’s member organisations.

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