Franco-Russian Dialogue on Climate Change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges that we face today. Both in Russia and France, we can feel it. Today’s youth is going to bear the consequences and live through the challenges of climate adaptation in the nearest future, however, we can still reverse the worst-case scenario. Therefore, from September 2020 till January 2021, we would like to invite 50 young people from Moscow and Paris to develop ideas together and empower each other to become the voice of the generation. They will consolidate efforts to tackle the climate emergency and raise concerns to political actors in the two countries.

Project Description

We invite 50 young people (18-30 y.o.) from Moscow and Paris to participate in the Dialogue, which will consist of 4 parts.

  • Online Franco-Russian Dialogues

Every two weeks from the beginning of October till the end of November, participants from Moscow and Paris will gather for a 1,5-hour online dialogue, facilitated by a YEE trainer and an expert. Each dialogue will have a dedicated topic related to climate change, such as adaptation, biodiversity, carbon economy, cities of the future, etc. The goal of online dialogues is to establish connections between the Russian and French young activists, get the knowledge, think and to create a policy paper with the demands of young people for political action on climate change mitigation, which will be presented to decision-makers in both countries, promoted through the media, and presented at the United Nations. Please, see the preliminary plan for the online sessions on a picture below.

  • Civil Society Meetings in Moscow and Paris

At the end of October-beginning of November, participants will gather in their cities for a one-day civil society meeting, which will also be attended by, a French and a Russian activist, French and Russian diplomatic and academic representatives, policymakers and further stakeholders. The goal of the meeting is to open an intergenerational dialogue on the climate emergency and address the concerns to the political actors in the two countries. 

  • GovTalks

The GovTalks are online meetings of participants with Russian and French decision-makers, where young people will be able to further raise their voice to political representatives, as well as to challenge and improve the policy paper, created as a result of the online dialogues. 

  • Hackathon

The Hackaton is going to happen in January as the final event and it is a chance for participants to apply their ideas to reality, develop a project, pitch it to the jury and receive support in its realisation. This is an opportunity to turn big ideas into big changes.

Goals of the Project

Participants of the project will have 3 main goals: 

1) To create a policy paper, based on what they will learn and discuss during the online dialogues, that will be proposed to the French and Russian Politicians, and at the UN. 

2) To apply their ideas to reality and develop a project at the Hackathon.

3) To become a voice holder to mobilize their generation to fight the climate crisis and build a better society. 

How to Apply

To apply, please, fill in this form. The deadline to apply is 23:59 CEST, September 25th, 2020. All selected candidates will be informed no later than September 28th.