Climate change and climate change frameworks and agreements

On 17th December 2018, in Europe House Tirana, Albania, EDEN Center organized the workshop with the topic “Climate change and climate change frameworks and agreements”. This workshop was part of “Take A Green Stand” campaign as the third step of “Active Youth, Better Environment” project by Youth and Environment Europe.

Taking part in this workshop were 25 young people, 18-30 years old, from different fields of studies (Environmental Biology, Business Administration, Finance, Geology, Ecology, Engineering, Low, Medical school, etc.)
This workshop was organized by Tea Zeqaj and facilitated by 6 EDEN’s most active volunteers.

The day was divided in two parts. The first part was getting to know each other, showed a short video on climate change effects, the presentation of a Climate Change expert who has been working on this field for around 8 years and then a short session of working in groups to learn more about some of the most important climate change frameworks and agreements.

The second part of the day was the simulation of World Climate Game, a game played by different people all over the world. During this game, the participants had to get in the role of some of the most important heads of states and decide whether they could keep the temperature lower than 2°.
This part was very interactive and the participants were all involved especially during the negotiating rounds. “Based on this draft proposal, I pledge to act, so the work initiated continues, so that we convince our partners, place these efforts under the aegis of the UN, and from September to have the basis of a world environmental pact”, Macron said after signing the Paris agreement, after President Trump pulled the US out of this agreement.

And after this amazing long day, the participants all decided to repeat this workshop in other cities and with other people… as they called it “The best workshop ever!”

At the end of the day, asked of what was the worst thing of the day, some of their answers were:

Me, not knowing English so good. This workshop gave me a lesson to practice more my English


There was not enough food, because it was so tasty that it finished very soon


Except from me being Trump… The coffee and lunch breaks were too long, I wanted to have more time to enjoy the workshop


The fact that this workshop is ending…