Two days of Sustainability- #TAKEAGREENSTAND

Talking about sustainability, climate change and international coordination with young people can be challenging. There are many transversal and entangled problematics, difficult terms and acronyms, different conventions and statistics that are not always easy to understand. Nonetheless, we are called as the main actors of this global conversation. Eufemia was not present in COP (the most recent one was in Katowice in December, for the least attentive), but in the beginning of November we organized, together with a network of organizations, an activity aiming at involving local people in global discussions.

On the 10th and 11th November 2018, together with 20 youngsters we have seen, discovered and learned new things. On Saturday, we were in Racconigi and Brunelleschi markets and we collected fruits and vegetables with Pane in Comune. We had the chance to present this project that we have been coordinating in Turin for the last 7 years and everyone had the chance to be an active part of it.

The next day, we participated in an intense vegetarian cooking workshop with the support of Ludovico Lanni. We used some of the fruits and vegetables recovered the previous day and discovered tasty new flavors (did you know you can make pesto with the green carrot top?).

In the afternoon, we used the World Climate Interactive tool and performed a role play with the goal of placing the participants in the shoes of decision-makers, that have to reach a global agreement and that are responsible for important decisions that have an impact in the climate. This moment raised interesting questions and we discussed COP and COY functioning, the Paris Agreement, Green Climate Fund,… A lot of things were said, but there is still a long way to go. And we need to move together!

We enjoyed our #TakeaGreenStand weekend! And we hope to continue to take actions like this, to make young people meet, share good ideas in our cities and small actions from our daily lives.