Who owns nature? Kam Pieder Daba?

On Saturday, 10th of November, 2018 young nature enthusiasts and experts gathered together to learn the best practices and share local experiences with each other. The Workshop “Kam Pieder daba?” (Who owns nature?) was organised by BALTA DABA (Latvia) in cooperation with the student’s council of the Faculty of Biology. It was situated in the modern Academic center of Nature sciences of the University of Latvia that is equipped with the latest technologies, rooftop greenhouses, plant beds outside and live plants inside the building that created a perfect study environment for the participants of the workshop.

During the activity participants got acquainted with local and global environmental issues and environment related decision making processes from a challenge-oriented perspective and their role in environmental problem solving as well as heard the examples of local youth activism in relevant dimensions.  They also generated and proposed lots of ideas relevant to youth activism and environmental decision making processes such as campaigning about the reduction of single use plastic consumption, about preservation of biodiversity in big cities, advocating for green lifestyles and other environment related issues.

This workshop was a great opportunity to gather together like-minded young people from all around Latvia and make the connections between them as well as strengthen the cooperation between organizations participated at the workshop.
We look forward to follow-up actions to take part in and events to bring more enthusiasts together.