Protected Areas Academy – Ecocentre “Zapovedniks”

In 2019 Ecocentre “Zapovedniks” has realized several projects for Youth including Protected Areas Academy. The project was held in Moscow, where young people don’t have easy access to Nature. However Moscow is one of the greenest megalopolises because it has around 120 nature protected areas including National park, nature historical parks, reserves etc.

This project was aimed to involve young people, especially from Earth sciences and tourism, in work of natural parks of Moscow. The team of Ecocentre with invited experts made seminars and trainings once in a month to teach youth how to do excursions, events and quests in parks. In total 30 students participated in this project.

The program was made for half a year and included 4 seminars and 4 trainings with practical works in parks, as well as “homework” to maintain interest of students. 5th of June, World Environment day was a last day of the program. Students of the Academy made 6 trips and quests in Moscow parks for all comers. For example, one of the excursions was made about trees: it’s historical and environmental value in Russia. In general around 100 people attended their excursions and students were very proud of themselves.

After finishing the project one of the historical parks of Moscow decided to make this program continuously  through the year and 2 students were invited to work in parks. The project actually extended opportunities of youth to be involved in Environmental work in big cities.

If you want to have the same project in your country and city you can contact Ecocenter “Zapovedniks” for the program of the Protected Areas Academy.