Radhima Visitor Center: a multi-functional place

Source: Wikipedia

Organization Milieukontakt Albania has a long and successful experience, working with civil society and local community on sustainable development as well as with authorities, and its long-term goal is “to develop a strong and democratically organized civic movement”. From March 2019 with the support of UNDP, Milieukontakt Albania is running the project “Implementing Strategic Plan at Radhima Visitor Centre”.

The project aims to support the functionality of the Visitor Centre and implementing Strategic Plan of Karaburun-Sazane Marine Park in Radhima, raising the awareness, inform/educate local communities and Marine Protected Areas users group on the value and benefits of MPAs, at the same time increase their engagement in the its management. Meetings with the administrative staff of Vlora Protected Areas were very significant for both parties, to identify core aspects of the Strategic Plan and capacities and tools to sustain the management and monitoring of the Center.

In the middle of May, Milieukontakt organized a round table with interested environmental stakeholders of Vlora district inviting them to be part of small scheme grants and awareness raising activities in Karaburun-Sazan Marine Park. The focus of the call will be biodiversity of the area, information, education activities for youth to protect and improve marine area, during touristic and different periods of the year.

Radhima Visitor Center was established in 2017. It’s an information center where all tourists, students, scientists and civil society visiting and exploring Karaburun-Sazan National Park may find all necessary information and services. During the week days, staff of Administration of Protected Areas volunteer and offer information for visitors in the land and marine protected areas. A staff of five, organize and run all the activities in Karaburun-Sazan park too. Last year the number of tourists visiting Karaburun-Sazan National Park was tripled. During 2018 approximately 3,570,000 tourists visiting Albania were supported by administrative staff and volunteers of protected areas. For this touristic year agencies are optimistic. The duty of civil society and environmental NGO’s is to support and help administration in the management and control of the nature and resources used during touristic seasons.

Prepared by: Bujana Xhindoli, Milieukontakt Albania