A Regional Team consists of a Regional Contact Person and his/her Regional Assistant(s).

Regional Contact Person

Regional Contact Persons are the representatives of the regions, and the link between the Board and the Member Organisations (MOs) of YEE. YEE MOs elect four Regional Contact Persons on the annual basis.

The duties of Regional Contact Persons are:

  • To establish connections and develop relationships with the MOs and the Regional Team in their respective region.
  • To organise and chair regional e-meetings with MOs located in their respective region at least four times a year: in February-March, May-June, September-October, November-December.
  • To organise an in-person Regional meeting once per year at the YEE Annual Meeting. If the in-person meeting is not possible, to organise an online meeting aligned with the Annual Meeting of YEE.
  • To inform the Member Organisations Officer about the situation in their region on a regular basis, or whenever requested by the Member Organisations Officer.
  • To keep the MOs database updated.
  • To prepare and send out the MO Survey in cooperation with the YEE Member Organisations Officer and the Secretariat.
  • To prepare a written Annual Regional Report about the status of their region (including for example, but not limited to, an overview of MOs, their activities, the results of the MO Survey).
  • To represent and promote YEE in their region to expand the network.
  • To guide candidate MOs of their respective regions through the application process.
  • To propose MOs to be discharged and candidate MOs to be approved to the Member Organisations Office, who will make the final proposal to the General Assembly.
  • To connect MOs with the YEE working groups of YEE.
  • To facilitate the work of MOs in their respective region on joint statement, actions, campaigns regarding regional environmental issues.
  • To carry out a well-structured handover with the elected RCP regarding the situation of the region and the progress of the RT during its term.

Regional Assistants 

The Regional Assistants are appointed by the Regional Contact Persons and together with the

Regional Contact Person they form a Regional Team. Regional Assistants, together with the Regional Contact Persons act as a link between Member Organisations of their respective region and the Board.

The duties of the Regional Assistants are:

  • To provide assistance to the Regional Contact Person in fulfilling his/her duties.
  • To act as a link between Member Organisations of their respective region and the Board, together with the Regional Contact Person of their respective region.
  • To act on behalf of their Regional Contact Person in case of his/her absence.

Regional distribution of MOs

RCP East is a contact person for all MOs located in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Czechia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine.

RCP West is a contact person for all MOs located in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland.

RCP North is a contact person for all MOs located in Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Sweden, the UK.

RCP South is a contact person for all MOs located in Albania, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Portugal, Serbia, Spain.

Regional Contact Persons 2021/2022

RCP East 2021/2022

Nelli Yeghiazaryan

Contact Nelli at nelli@yeenet.eu

RCP West 2021/2022

Charlotte (Ashe) Audibert

Contact Ashe at ashe@yeenet.eu

RCP South 2021/2022

Stephanny Ulivieri

Contact Steph at stephanny@yeenet.eu

RCP North 2021/2022

Juan Antonio Pérez

Contact Juan at juanan@yeenet.eu


You can find the election results via this link.