Take a Green Stand Evaluation Meeting

Take a Green Stand Campaign is the 3rd and the final stage of YEE’s long term project Active Youth-Better Environment.

10 organisations across Europe implemented local activities on awareness raising on climate change, main frameworks on climate change and youth participation in environmental decision making. After their local implementations all workshop coordinators were got together in Prague, Czech Republic between 29 November – 2 December for the Evaluation Meeting.

Early autumn, participants from Active Youth Better Environment trainings applied to organise local workshops after the call was out. After being selected by the project team, they have been awarded with a small fund to organise local workshops.

Evaluation Meeting took place in Prague to bring together all the local workshop coordinators to discuss the good practices, challenges and future plans of theirs after their local workshops.

Workshops are organised by YEE member organisations:

  • Georgia Eco Youth Movement (SAEM) – Georgia
  • Gutta – Club – Moldova
  • BALTA DABA – Latvia
  • ECO-Unesco – Ireland
  • AYA – Russia
  • Yeghvard NGO – Armenia
  • Federation of Youth Clubs Armenia (FYCA)  – Armenia
  • Young Researchers of Serbia – Serbia
  • EDEN – Albania
  • Associazione EUfemia