Hello everybody!

I am Tasha from Serbia. As a great lover of nature, I wanted to dedicate myself to something that would be beneficial to it. That’s why I chose to study Landscape Architecture, which helped me in better understanding of space around me and the natural processes in it, as well as interactions between humans and the environment. The field of my biggest interest is preservation and protection of nature, hence I enrolled in master studies on this subject.

After venturing into the world of research, I felt confident enough to share gained knowledge. I joined several associations and NGOs, with a belief that I can help their mission to make a healthier and happier environment. That led me to YEE, where I met a lot of like-minded young people from all over Europe.

I was lucky enough to become a part of the Board, so in the following year, I will do my best to support network and make It stronger and more noticeable.