The Antarctic is closer than you think! – Eco Centre ‘Zapovedniks’

Centre “Zapovedniks” and the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition are glad to introduce the new lesson Discovering Antarctica Together.

A new continent – Antarctica – was discovered two hundred years ago. Over the years, Antarctica attracted the attention of researchers and explorers from different countries, in particular, because of its unsolved scientific questions and a vast number of unexplored places.

You have an opportunity to join them and to learn more about southernmost part of our planet during our new lesson – Discovering Antarctica together.

Lesson Goal is to give a better overview of: 

         the natural features of the continent of Antarctica and the Antarctic region;

         the network of protected areas of the Antarctic and conservation efforts in the Southern Ocean.

It is recommended to conduct the lesson for middle and high school students: 10-16 years old, but it will be interesting for everyone!

To conduct the lesson, follow 3 steps:

  1. Sign up on the website download the lesson’s materials
  2. Teach the lesson and take photos of the process
  3. Fill the report in your Account, attach photos and get your personal certificate 

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 The Antarctic is closer than you think!