The clean-Up activity of Umbrella Youth Center in Algeti

Summer is here and in the meantime, the pandemic situation is getting better and allowing us to come back into our actions – aiming to improve the environment that surrounds us. The team of the Umbrella Organisation (YEE Member, Georgia) jointly with the community members and volunteers, on 11 of June has organized a Clean-Up activity at Algeti Youth Center.

Besides, the Clean-up team of Umbrella didn’t only collect the trash but also separate the waste according to the waste sorting system – plastic and aluminum, in order to educate their volunteers and the community members on the importance of recycling system.

Meanwhile, the Umbrella Clean-Up activity that was organized within the frame of the World Environment Day (even though a bit late) was the first time that such activity was carried out in the village.

The Umbrella team remains committed to organize and undertake further events, activities, and actions to raise awareness on the environmental issues and establish the tradition of cleaning-up and waste sorting system in Georgia.

More on the Umbrella Youth Center in Algeti

Algeti Youth Center is established last year via a local youth initiative group that has been operating there for the last 2-3 years. As a community based active youth center we are striving to build a better future for us and our peers in the community. Algeti Youth Center is located in the southern part of Georgia, Marneuli Municipality which is populated mainly by the ethnic minorities Azerbaijanis. Umbrella has adopted a strategy to support young informal groups in Georgia to build community-based youth centers aiming at developing communities and empowering local youth.

Stay tuned with the Umbrella to learn more about the further actions that will be conducted in the Algeti Youth Center!