The newest initiative of Eco Logic: Smile and Play

Smile and Play is a project that covers the theme of cycling and using a bicycle as a transport method, and this is conducted through the learning of a foreign language, i.e., the English language, as well as the implementation of gamification in learning, or methods of learning through games (CLIL).

The project coordinator of this project is Eco Logic (YEE Member Organisation from North Macedonia), with partners: Elementary school “J.H.Pestalozzi” from Skopje, North Macedonia, then “ReBike” from Italy, and ”Zhali” from Lithuania as well. Also, we have associate partners as well, such as Elementary schools “Malina Popivanova”, and “Rade Kratovche”, both from Kochani, North Macedonia.

The goal of this project is the improvement of the educational profile and work of the educators themselves, as well as the teachers, of course through this project, it is established that the goal is raising and increasing of the awareness on sustainability and sustainable transport, and this is accomplished through including of informal types of education in the elementary schools.

Besides the focus on informal education and sustainability/sustainable transport, through the game Smile and Play, children have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the English language as a second/foreign language. Thus, in the project, here are the main listed activities:

  • Creating a manual available in 4 languages (Italian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, and English)
  • Creating a platform for the game (in English)
  • Realization of transnational meetings with partner countries
  • Regular informative promotion on the progress of the project and game
  • Organizing promotional events with target groups, teachers, educators, collaborators…
  • Creating newsletters for promoting the project phases
  • Digitalizing the physical game
  • Digitalizing the platform, i.e., the completed game

We are especially proud of digitalizing the game, which was previously made in a physical form. Due to the sudden and unfortunate world events with COVID, we decided that children could still enjoy and play the game, even if they are at home and not with peers. Now, we are proud to have the game prepared for both physical as well as digital enjoyment!