The season is open!

For more than 30 years Young Researchers of Serbia are hosting international volunteers in voluntary workcamps in Serbia. We usually send around 500 volunteers from Serbia abroad and host over 400 foreign volunteers to more than 35 workcamps each year. This year there are 35 workcamps among which 16 are connected with environmental topics and set in natural protected areas.
What is an international voluntary workcamp?
Workcamps generally last 2 – 3 weeks and consist of about 10 – 20 volunteers. They are hosted by the local community and respond to the needs of the local community.
Reason to take part?
By giving you will receive!
Friendships are built on shared experiences!
Moving away from your comfort zone!
Special places, that you would not find otherwise!
New skills!
Interaction and intercultural encounters!
The importance of little things!

If you want to gain a new unforgettable experience abroad and feel useful, then book this summer for coming to Serbia!

For more information about camps in Serbia visit  and ask your local organization.

Young Researchers of Serbia