Tim Stegemann – German Children’s Fund

My name is Tim and I’m really looking forward to this project. As a participant I have already taken part in various European youth projects in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraine and I have always enjoyed the sharing of different perspectives. Last year I did a further training as a process moderator for youth participation and learned many methods for selfdetermined youth group processes, which I would like to apply in our project as well. I am currently working for a German child rights NGO in Berlin called “Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk” and can contribute a child rights perspective and experience in advocacy work. Recently my study on the implementation of children rights in the German Länder was published.

I would describe myself as a political person. At the moment, I’m pretty concerned about the Covid_19 situation in Europe and around the world. In particular, I am trying, at least via social media, to draw attention to the devastating situation in the refugee camps on the Greek islands, where tens of thousands of people have to stay close together, among them many children without access to medical care. I believe that these camps must be urgently evacuated. I also have a strong interest in environmental issues and try to see the good things of the corona crisis, although it scares me that many people will die and I am also aware of the severe economic consequences. The numerous shutdowns and the cancellation of flights will probably lead 2020 to the world’s lowest CO2 balance in years. This somehow also shows what effects it can have when problems are taken seriously.

I have a Bachelor degree in Politics and Law from the University of Bremen. During my studies I did two internships in Brussels for a Member of the European Parliament and for the representation of the German state of Lower Saxony. I know the city of the YEE headquarters quite well, because I used to do an Erasmus semester at Charles University in Prague. In October I will start my Master in Social Sciences at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Besides the political things I like to do sports in my free time, at the moment running, football, and yoga and trekking with friends in my holidays. I’m also interested in theatre (which are all closed at the moment) and I like to meet with friends (also not possible).