Volunteer camps will always be IN!

Young Researcher of Serbia and Voluntary Service of Serbia had an amazing summer! 35 international volunteer camps throughout Serbia are organized this year, with over 20 local partners and around 600 young people from all over the world.

These lovely people are here to help build and give support to the local communities, in a total length of 353 days and 26,100 volunteering hours. The focus of the selection of volunteers has been on young people with reduced opportunities, young people from rural and remote communities with difficult communication, who have not travelled abroad, do not speak English and do not have a computer. This year was 29th year of establishment of international volunteer camps in Serbia and if we do the statistics, since 2014 when we connected our program with the National Youth Volunteer Campaign for Youth founded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, over 1200 volunteers from more than 25 countries and over 1300 young people from Serbia have participated in the camps and have donated more than 114 600 volunteer hours.