Welcome to the YEE network!

We are happy to welcome a new member to the network!

Ekološko udruženje “Jezero” is a youth NGO based in Šerići, Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Jezero” have carried out a number of environmental projects and have ten years of experience in the realization of youth projects and actions on local and international level. In the last three years they have realized several projects that are related to working with young people, community development and tourism development.

Since 2008, they have a youth center as a part of their association. This is the first and only youth center in the municipality of Živinice, which has over 70,000 inhabitants. The Youth Center provides the following services: the use of computers, Internet services, copying … In addition to that, they regularly organize free English language and Information Technology courses for young people.

As a part of the association they have activities connected with different interests of their youth, like Scout section for children, Speleological section and Folklore section for teenagers and a Hiking section.

Their goals are:

– Introducing new content to the Youth Center
– Strengthening the capacity of youth
– Development of tourism
– Development of local community
– Strengthening and further development of the non-governmental organization
– Sending their volunteers to other countries, strengthening personal capacity

One of the main goals of Ekološko udruženje “Jezero” is to promote and develop international cooperation among young people on a European level.

“Jezero” want to involve young people from Šerići and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the process of intercultural learning, and they believe their participation in European voluntary service is a very good opportunity to achieve this goal.

Keep an eye out for further news from our new member in the future!