Chiara Magrelli

Member Organisations Officer

Hi there! My name is Chiara and I’m originally from Rome, but I’ve been living abroad for the past 10 years (United States, Brazil, The Netherlands, Sweden and now I’m in The Netherlands again!).

Chiara, tell us a bit more about yourself!

My background is in International Relations and Organization (BA) and I’ve just graduated from a MSc in Sustainable Development from Uppsala University. My journey as a student is almost over, as I’m currently writing my second thesis in Environmental Science at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Within YEE I’ll be the Member Organisations Officer and I’ll make sure our member organisations know we are here for them! Since I’m very excited and motivated to take climate action, I also work part-time for SUSC, a Sustainable Consultancy company based in Den Haag, I volunteer for a non-profit called Day of Adaptation, and I work the remaining of my time for the social enterprise Mine Vaganti NGO.

If you could time-travel, what era would you like to visit and why?

If I could time-travel, I would like to visit Italy during the time of the Roman Empire. They were ingenious and sustainable and I think we could learn a lot from them. Also, coming from Rome it would be a good excuse to go back to my ancient roots!

What are you happiest doing, when you’re not working?

In my free time, I like to engage in all sorts of activities. From taking a woodworking class, to learning how to play the ukulele, to surfing and dancing. There are so many different things we can experience and see in our lifetime and I hope I can try as many as possible!

Give us one quote that describes your personality, or that you simply love!

‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’