Orkhan Bayramov


Hi! My name is Orkhan and I am from Azerbaijan.

Orkhan, tell us a bit more about yourself!

I graduated law from Baku State University. During my study, I was also part of ”Common Sense” Youth Organization and doing volunteering. After graduation, I didn’t find myself in law field and started to work in this organization as a project manager.

In 2019, I participated in YEE’s Training course and that’s how a long journey started. I learned a lot from just one TC and told myself to not let go :). In 2020, during the election, I became part of Board member of YEE as a project officer and at the same year I was elected as a Chairperson of my organization. Later on, in 2021, I was elected as a Chairperson of YEE.

So, that’s the short story of me who wants to take challenges and do little changes everyday!

What are some of the causes you care about?

Future of young people in the community.

What do you hope the world will look like in 2050?

That’s kind of question I don’t like and never got an answer for it. It is maybe because I’m not optimistic.

If you could time-travel, what era would you like to visit and why?

I would travel to era when Vikings lived, because I love the Vikings TV series.

What are you happiest doing, when you’re not working?

Learning languages; working on my social business; doing some wood work; watching TV series; listening to music; sometimes reading a book; hanging out and joking around.

Give us one quote that describes your personality, or that you simply love!

‘Live the life you love.’