YEE Board 2019/20: Time to Say Goodbye!

It’s always hard to say goodbye especially after having a year full of new experiences, challenges and so many achievements.

Thinking back at our ups and downs, at our own collective challenges: we went through a lot. This year was very challenging for not only us as a board but also for YEE in general. But we are proud to say that this shaped us as a real team and union and its solid proof is that most of our EB are staying for one more year in YEE in different positions. Some of us were newbies in being EB of the International Youth-led network and some of us had a huge experience but we never felt the difference and were always eager to support each other and be as open as we could.

We are very glad that we were given such an amazing chance to learn, create, act and participate in YEE’s one-year activity and be part of the journey that took us to the development both as individuals and leaders and part of a team and professionals.


YEE Board 2019/2020

(Tiarnan, Daniela, Nathan, Viktoria, Annie, Ergi)