YEE Board conducted a virtual meeting instead of the physical board meeting.

The calendar of the latest month for the team at Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) was quite dynamic, even though under this pandemic situation. Normally, the beginning of spring season marks the third physical meeting of the YEE Board (PBM), where the board and office members gather together to discuss, brainstorm and prepare with each other the next agenda of the network. The 3rd PBM would be organized in Prague, Czech Republic (15-16th of March) due to COVID-19 and its scale of spreading in Europe, the meeting was cancelled and instead done by means of a Virtual Board Meeting.

Nevertheless, the board and office members followed the same agenda as was planned for the physical board meeting. Together during the two-day meeting the Board and Secretariat updated themselves, discussed the upcoming events, brainstormed ideas for 2020/2021 projects, made consensual decisions and space was given for the working groups to meet and discuss future implementation.

In the next following days, YEE will publish its updated agenda under this situation!

Stay with YEE!