YEE is a founding member of EU4Ocean Platform, a hub dedicated to ocean literacy in Europe!

YEE commits to ocean sustainability and protection! YEE  is the largest independent European network of environmental youth organisations that has been exploring ways to mitigate the current climate crisis through its activities especially in recent years. Since we have empowered many young climate activists over the past almost 40 years, we also have been representing the voice of youth in many European level organisations and platforms. We are aiming to lead the european youth organisations to take action on climate change. That’s why we continue to empower young people to be the change makers by stepping in new areas and initiatives to expand our everyday impact.

Climate change mitigation has many dimensions such as protection of our ecosystems, conservation of biodiversity, sustainable transformation of agriculture and food policies, renewable energy sources etc. However, we acknowledge that a holistic approach should be developed among all the aspects of fighting and adapting to the climate crisis. What is often overlooked as a source of solutions to the climate crisis, is paradoxically what covers the 71% of our planet. Yes, it is the ocean! 

The ocean is the source of life for all the all life on planet Earth. It produces oxygen, it is a source of food, it regulates the climate and it can be used as a source of energy. However, all those won´t be possible unless we find a way to sustain it. Like all the other aspects of the climate crisis, we have to understand how all our actions affect the ecosystem balance and how we are all connected to each other. Sustaining the oceans is also a very important area of struggle for climate activism. We believe that, like all the other areas mentioned above, youth has to be present in the decision making processes  when it comes to oceans, too.

That’s why we are happy to announce that YEE is one of the founding members of EU4Ocean Platform. It is a hub for ocean literacy in Europe which will provide a space for communities, young people and changemakers to connect, share ideas and join forces for future initiatives. The EU4Ocean Platform has kicked off with a group of diverse and engaged founding members on 18th June 2020 and YEE was very pleased to be part of it. There will be 3 working groups under this coalition, which will focus on Climate and Ocean, Food from the Oceans and Healthy and Clean Oceans. For more information about the EU4Ocean Coalition, please visit the European Commission’s website.

YEE’s primary aim in joining this platform is to bring the youth perspective to the wider discussion. We would like to establish a strong network with organisations who are already working on ocean literacy, and together with them empower young people, volunteers and activists as we always do in this specific field. Besides creating awareness raising campaigns, and supporting already existing campaigns, we would like to do non-formal education activities and trainings to increase the relevant capacities of youth organisations and develop critical skills of youth workers.  

Our very first step towards the ocean direction was our online event “Why does the Arctic matter?” on Wednesday 14th July 2020. Together in cooperation with WWF Arctic, we have brought to young people a unique opportunity to join our live Q&A session with our guest speakers, Jan Dusik (WWF Arctic Programme), and Pétur Halldórsson (WWF / Arctic Youth Network) about the least developed inhabited part of the planet and about how young people can make a difference in dealing with the Arctic change. The Arctic consists of a deep ocean covered by drifting pack ice and is surrounded by continents and archipelagos around the Earth’s North Pole. As the Arctic´s ice melts, the global interest in the Arctic sustainability issues is growing. World is eyeing the natural resources of the Arctic Ocean more and more every day. Young people representing the generation that will face the impacts of climate change, should play our role in preventing the shrinking of sea-ice and habitat loss in the Arctic. 

We are excited to commit ourselves to the ocean sustainability and protection and bring you other inspiring events soon! Please keep following us on our social media and if you have any suggestions, comments or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via