Nice to meet you! This is our team, many smiling young people who work hard for a better future.

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YEE Board

Orkhan Bayramov

Naïs Ohayon-Louisor

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Gagik Harutyunyan
Communications Officer

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Chiara Magrelli
Member Organisations Officer

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Chloé Mikolajczak
Project Officer

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Paola Lupi
External Relations Officer

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YEE Office

Tetiana Stadnyk

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Nathan Méténier
Advocacy Manager

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Eva Kloudová
Communications Manager

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Alice de Tourdonnet
Project Manager

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Žofie Hobzíková
Project Coordinator

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Pegah Maysa Moulana
Advocacy Coordinator

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Lucía Sanchez
ESC Volunteer

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Chloé ten Brink
Strategic Communications Coordinator

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Agnes Gkoutziamani
Policy Coordinator

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YEE Advocacy Team

Konstantin Blondeau
Liaison Officer on Franco-Russian Dialogue on Climate Change

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Cathal Swan
Liaison Officer on Environmental Governance

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Anna Maria Marino
Liaison Officer on Arctic and Oceans

Silvia Candotti
Liaison Officer on Climate Crisis

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Mery Vanesyan
Intersectionality Liaison Officer

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Haila Amin
Liaison Officer on Biodiversity

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Bonolo Madibe
Green Europe Liaison Officer

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Emma Pagliarusco
Liaison Officer on Environmental Law

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Project Leads

Laura Hildt
Environmental Law Project Lead

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Venetia Galanaki
Project Lead on Pollinator

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Kristela Toskaj
Project lead on the EU Restoration Law

Ergi Bregasi
Project lead on Nuclear Energy