Hi there!

My name is Lucía, from Spain. I am a current student of a Master’s in International Human Rights and Protection of the Environment in Prague. I have completed my bachelors degree in Marketing and a Master’s degree in Theory and Criticism of Culture in Carlos III University of Madrid.

As an avid volunteer and youth worker, I am extremely concerned with facilitating the networking and sustainable development of the next generation of Europeans. About my volunteering experiences I have volunteered with young people for more than four years, in different youth associations, promoting UE values, mobility programs, exchanges, activities and supporting as much as I can.

I also collaborate in two associations related with environment and sustainability. Traveling is possibly my greatest passion. What I enjoy the most about it, is discovering new places, new cultures and getting to know the locals. I have traveled throughout Europe on different projects, and this has led me to be specially interested in cultural diversity, human rights and climate justice. I am also interested in communication, social media, photography, and corporate social responsibility.

My role in YEE is to support matters related to project management, such as accommodation, logistics, travel, partnership, participants, activities.