I am Pegah, from the UK. I am a LLM Public International Law graduate from the University of Leiden and have completed my bachelors in Public International Law, both at University of Geneva and University of Sheffield.

I love sports and in particular, I play squash and complete long distance runs. I am an outgoing person who enjoys getting to know new people on a daily basis. It was for this reason that I began volunteering from the age of 11 and became the UK Young Ambassador to Europe and the Commonwealth at the age of 18, pushing for youth work and non-formal education.

Due to my studies, I came across Small Island Developing States and their vulnerability towards climate change and that was when I decided that I want to dedicate my career working on environment and young people. As a young person, I have seen the aura of young people once they have the platform to change their surrounding and I hope to use my platform as the advocacy officer at YEE to achieve that goal.

At YEE, my responsibilities entail leading YEE efforts on COP26, COP15, G20 through conceptualising toolkits, workshops , policy position papers and leading delegations. Specifically, I will be your contact person if you would like to reach out to the Advocacy Working Groups and if you have any questions on our current projects being led by the liaison officers.