YEE’s Gender Working Group

YEE’s  Gender Working Group consists of highly motivated youth workers from various countries. The working group is exploring the inter-linkages between gender and environmental problems, exchanging best practices for youth organisations and creating and disseminating new materials. 

YEE and Gender

YEE has been exploring the topic of gender equality in past projects as in the study session “Exploring Gender Equality in Environmental Projects” in 2017. Moreover, we try to have a gender perspective in the design of our projects, in the selection process of participants and the execution of projects.

Participants of YEE’s Study session “Exploring Gender Equality in Environmental Projects” on International Woman’s day.

However, YEE wants to explore this topic more while making use of the collective intelligence and experience of the YEE network and to work together to gender mainstream environmental projects.

Aim of the working group

The aim of the working group is to foster gender equality in the YEE network and in other youth organisations by educating ourselves about the inter-linkages between gender and environment, by sharing and formalising best practices and by creating and disseminating new tools, guidelines and policies on gender equality.


The working group has regular calls, home materials to read and projects defined by the working group to work on. Communication happens through Skype, e-mail, a shared drive, and any other desired communication platform.

We expect from the working group members that they try to be present at meetings and that they will contribute within their capacities to the functioning of the working group. The frequency and time of the meetings will be decided collectively.

We will make sure to make the working group a safe space for everyone to share opinions and experiences in a respectful way.

Who can participate?

We aim to reach out to European youth workers, young leaders and young volunteers from any gender which are active within the YEE network, the YEE partners or other youth organisations that share the values of YEE.

We welcome people who are new to the topic and are happy to learn, as well as people who are more experienced in the topic.

How to join?

The working group started its activities in February 2019. If you missed the first call, but are very motivated to join, you can still apply by sending an e-mail to

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write to us at