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"Postcards from nature" follow-up actions



7ARTE (Kosovo)

- Berna Xhemajli (group leader), Kristina Zimaj, Eglantina Avdiu, Feriz Kadriu, Rinor Kurshumliu

What: Upcycling workshop

When: 23 July 2017

Where: Mitrovica, Kosovo

Description of action: The action took place at the artificial lake in Mitrovica, where people go for entertaining activities. The idea was to have a cleaning action in the beginning, since the place is full of garbage left there by the poplation. The cleaning action started from the centre of the city to the artificial lake (more than 1 hour walking) starting from 10:00 to 12:30. After the cleaning action, there was an introduction of the workshop idea, therefore to use the garbage and make creative artwork with an environmental message on it. Also, each of the people who joined the workshop were introduced and then divided into 5 groups and completed their artwork. In general, the participants really liked the idea, and after the completion of the workshop, they were showing around their work to the people who were spending their free time at the lake and informing them about the importance of environmental protection.

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- Mane Papyan (group leader), Tornik Aghajanyan, Mariam Sahakyan, Zara Israyelyan, Siranush Sevoyan

What: Non-formal workshop about reusage of materials

When: 28h of July, 2017

Where: Vanadzor, Armenia

Description of action: The Armenian team organised a small workshop for teeanger beneficiaries of Orran benevolent non-governmental organisation "Helping families in need". In Vanadzor branch of Orran almost 20 children have got the chance to make their own skipping ropes for summer holidays using materials that seemed to be ‘useless’. Our team helped them to design them and make their skipping ropes more special for them. Before the workshop there was a small introduction about importance of reusage of garbage and materials that are put aside.