Our goal is to address the triple planetary crisis by

About Us

YEE focuses on youth participation, empowerment, non-formal education, and intersectionality. We lead advocacy work for climate justice and support meaningful and inclusive youth participation in environmental fora. YEE also empowers young people through various activities and recognizes the interconnectedness of environmental issues with social inequality and discrimination.

Our members

Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) is an independent pan-European network of 48 environmental youth organisations in 25 countries.

Topics we work on

Spreading awareness and knowledge about thematic topics among young audiences is a top priority for YEE. By providing open access resources such as articles, free webinars, and handbooks, YEE is successfully informing and educating young people on environmental matters.

Environmental Law

We encourage youth to utilise the law to achieve environmental goals, hold states accountable, protect citizen rights, advocate for more ambitious climate and biodiversity policies, and ensure access to justice in environmental law matters.

Environmental Policy

We work on environmental policy to ensure that the voices of young people are heard and considered in decision-making processes at local, national, and international levels.

Climate Justice

We stand for climate justice. We fight for stronger regional and international agreements and implementation rooted in social justice and intergenerational principles.


We raise awareness regarding the diverse issues faced by different groups in the context of the climate crisis and create educational resources that enhance mindfulness around the importance of the intersectionality approach.

Ocean Conservation

We spread awareness on the ocean and marine conservation issues through ocean literacy and climate-ocean advocacy.

Green Finance

We want to increase awareness of the youth in the green finance sector and promote discussions on ESG. We aim to improve transparency in green finance investments.

Sustainable Energy

We build the capacity of young individuals and their involvement in energy policy-making. We strive to provide resources and information to youth on sustainable energy and the green transition.


We aim to raise awareness and advocate for policies promoting biodiversity restoration and enhancement. It highlights the importance of biodiversity conservation and the impact of habitat loss and species extinction in Europe.