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Participating organisations - Environmental challenge accepted

 BALTA DABA (LATVIA) BALTA DABA is a non-profit, non-governmental youth environmental organisation. It was established in year 2010 in order to promote the preservation of the Latvian nature and to promote the young people’s initiatives and participation in the decision-making process and public life. Our target audience is young people in age of 18-30 years. We work with environmental education methods supporting young people initiatives for local environment protection.
   ESTONIAN FUND FOR NATURE (ESTONIA) Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF) is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to nature conservation. ELF’s mission is to preserve endangered species and their habitats, natural landscapes and natural associations typical of Estonia. ELF promotes the sustainable use of natural resources, raises environmental awareness in the society and seeks solutions for preserving a clean environment for future generations. 
ELF is politically and economically independent non-governmental organisation that provides society with the necessary expertise for nature conservation and helps unite the state and science institutions, businesses and active citizens in their efforts of protecting common natural resources.
 Organização para a Promoção dos Ecoclubes - OPE (PORTUGAL) Ecoclubes are a non-governmental organisation (NGO), composed by groups of young people who organize actions with other institutions to promote active participation and involvement of the community members in order to solve local problems.

Each group chooses their action plan according to their needs and, as a networker, OPE promotes activities for the promotion of people's conscience about the need of public participation in the resolution of the local environmental problems, creates mechanisms for communication among the several ecoclubes, establishes partnerships and promotes the cooperation between OPE and other organisations, promotes the intercultural exchange and new experiences between OPE members and other organisations.

  LITHUANIAN FUND FOR NATURE (LITHUANIA) The Lithuanian Fund for Nature (LFN) is a non-governmental organisation for the conservation of nature. Its activities are closely related to the preservation of wildlife. Founded in 1991, the LFN is one of the first conservation organisations in Lithuania.

The LFN’s activities include cooperation with national, municipal, scientific, non-governmental, and private institutions in these areas: preservation of rare and disappearing species and their habitats, maintenance and restoration of natural habitats, preservation of water bodies and resources therein, and environmental education.