On November 27, EU Youth Ministers met in Brussels to adopt a new framework for EU cooperation in the youth field from 2010 until 2018.

The new framework of cooperation sets out overall objectives, priorities, working methods and follow-up systems. The overall objectives of the cooperation will be to create more and equal opportunities for all young people in education and in the labour market and to promote their active citizenship, social inclusion and solidarity.

Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of Youth This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Following the European Council decision of the 24th November 2009, 2011 will be the European Year of Voluntary Activities Promoting Active Citizenship. The overall purpose of the European Year shall be to encourage and support - notably through the exchange of experience and good practices - the efforts of the Community, the Member States, local and regional authorities to create the conditions for civil society conducive to volunteering in the European Union (EU) and to increase the visibility of voluntary activities in the EU.

The deadline to register for the 3rd meeting of the AER Youth Regional Network "YRN's Take on Youth Employment - in Times of Economic Crisis" has been extended to 1 December 2009.

The meeting will take place between 10-12 December 2009 in Paris (Ile-de-France, France) at the premises of Paris.

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The Youth Action Grants program, 20 youth-led initiatives in 12 countries will expand the impact of their social change work. The grants, ranging from US$7,500-$10,000, will support youth-led projects such as efforts to influence the legislative agenda in Kenya, equip disadvantaged women in the Philippines with income-generating skills, and raise awareness of solutions to climate change.

Dear YEE Member Organizations,

With the start of the new year, as part of YEE restructuring and trying to make it more efficient and reaching out to more Member Organizations, Youth and Environment Europe is initiating an External Relations Pool of Representatives in order to assist the ER Officer to perform his/her duties in order to better serve the needs of the Federation.

The External Relations Representatives would be able to help the ER Officer execute her/his responsibilities by attending various international events on behalf of YEE, exchanging useful information, discussing different matters of relevance to them.