Goodbye to YEE from Oguzhan

Hard to believe that time flies like a bird for me. I clearly remember my first days at YEE and now I’m about to leave.  It was definitely a unique experience in terms of people I met, the actions I took part in and of course the place where I worked. I really cannot estimate how much I learnt from this internship through the training course “International Environmental Action Days”, getting involved in promoting the STEP project in Sziget festival, many different tasks and an inspiring office team.

I’m the person who always wonders what will the new experiences bring into my life. Working with supportive people who always made me feel like I’m at home helped me to exist within the structure of YEE and to be part of a NGO which works for our planet and taking important steps  literally brought me a new perspective on my future career.

After all, there is just one thing in my mind: Not stopping! Let’s see how I will use all that inspiration in my life. 

Feeling grateful to be with YEE and hope to see you soon somewhere in the world!


Oguzhan Kamberoglu - YEE Intern 2017