Diana's goodbye letter

The last day in the office, the last article. I checked today what I wrote on the first day of my EVS and recalled what were my expectations. And well, I was quite modest with them. The experience I gained, the people I met, the things I tried and places I saw are much better than I could ever imagine. I met hundreds (really!) people, learned how to pack/unpack my backpack in 15 minutes, experienced Czech traditions, learned about our similarities and differences, was impressed by nature and Prague transport, feeding rabbits, laughing, climbing to mountains, singing karaoke, I was an “angel”, I struggled with the Jungle speed, found a new favourite band, went to the opera and so many more things have happened during this year.  

I don’t know if one year is a short or a long period. But I know that time goes fast when you’re happy. This year went as fast as a month for me. I was busy with office tasks, I was traveling, I met with so many different people, I was walking on the streets of Prague, I was happy.

I want to say thanks to all of you who were around me this year. To all inspiring, funny, full of knowledge, incredible people which made this year so wonderful. Without you my experience wouldn’t be so unforgettable. Thank you for the opportunity and support and hope to see you once again. Every ending is a new beginning.