Behind the scenes – Check out what happened in the last YEE Board meeting!

Every year, YEE Board and Secretariat meet four times to discuss the ongoing issues of the network and set the direction of the work for the next months.

The second meeting of the Board 2017-2018 took place on 14-16 November 2017 in the ecological center Toulcuv Dvur in Prague, Czech Republic. During these three busy days, the Board and Secretariat had time to get closer to each other through some teambuilding activities, to train their communication and public speaking skills thanks to a training lead by Carmine Rodi, and most of all, to discuss many of the key points of the network.

  • Work Plan 2017 and Work Plan 2018 and potential topics to work on in 2019.
  • Membership issues and the update of the membership application process.
  • Finances 2017-2018 and the possible update of membership fees for 2019.
  • External relations and YEE’s Pool of Representatives.
  • Improvements in the internal audit procedure.
  • Preparations for Annual Meeting 2018.
  • New YEE website.

If you want to read more about those issues, you can have a look to the minutes of the meeting and find out all the details of the discussions.

You can also check out more pictures from the Board meeting here.

During the meeting we also shot parts of a new YEE promo video that you will be able to watch very soon!