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Insight from EEB Annual Event

Edinburgh, oh wonderful Edinburgh! And Scotland, oh wonderful Scotland. And networking - oh, how full of wonder is networking. :-) That is why YEE (as one of the most established environmental youth networks in Europe) is a member of the EEB (European Environmental Bureau, Europe's largest network of environmental citizens' organisations). And we are still the only youth organisation in the EEB - so did I try to be young and youth when I went to EEB's Annual Event in this wonderful part of Europe, organized in cooperation with a Scottish member (Scottish Environment LINK - again a network). Since YEE is also a board member in the EEB, I participated in all four days of the program - board meeting, conference, AGM (Annual Meeting of General Assembly) and workshop day. Every day another venue, every day different input, and every day another cherry added to this great cake of a city.

The most delicious part for me was meeting people again who I got to know in the past year. With a steady contact person, YEE is getting into a closer relationship to EEB and can make use of our membership there - so that membership becomes involvement. How that can be done? Firstly with presence and authenticity, being true, being honest, being passionate. There are many different characters in the EEB frame. Listening to what is being said at the Board Meeting and AGM and following the procedures there, plus getting involved in them when needed in the interest of YEE. Participating at the conference, picking up information, sources, contacts - everything that can be relevant for our future work and our standing in the EU and the youth movement. Sharing fun and expertise during the workshop day in the smaller groups, highlighting our experiences, background and strengths. Talking, being personal, asking questions at the meal times together - food is bringing people together. And there were a lot of great choices to either get fed up, or to stay hungry for more.
I had personal conversations with representatives of other member organisations as same as with EEB workers and friends way more than at the last EEB meetings where I was. I feel that we are getting into it. We should join one (or more?) of the working groups in EEB. We can participate in the office exchange - you want to work in the EEB office for some time, or you like to have a person from EEB's office in Brussels joining your office for some time? The option is there - I was asked if we were interested (and I said *yes*). We are part of the preparatory group for the next big Annual Event in 2018 - this is our chance to bring the youth more into the focus. We act - we change - we do. Speak up what you want and I will share it in the bigger picture (which we have the brushes for to continue drawing it). I was invited to do so - so we are invited to do so.
EEB is reaching out to many, many experts, critical citizens, engaged environmentalists, to lawyers, lobbyists and change makers - it's on us to be part of that.
Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want more. Get in touch with EEB to see what they can do for you and us - check out their new website, look at the topics they work on, subscribe and bring content to their newsletter. Everything and more at
And go to Scotland at least once in your life - you don't have to dance in a church as we did it, it's already enough if you just sit down and have a look, or two or three at what is going on there. Cheers!


Stefan Rudel - Chairperson