Call for project team - long-term project "Supporting environmental grassroots projects"

Youth and Environment Europe are looking for project team members for our new project.

If you want to join the project team, please fill in this form until 12 March 2018:

We are developing a long-term project which will take place during 2019 in various countries.

The main topic of the project will be developing the competences of youth organisations to support local environmental grassroots movements.

YEE will apply for two grants: 1 April deadline for Annual Work Plan of the European Youth Foundation and 26 April deadline for KA1 of the Erasmus+ programme.

Suggested activities of the project:

  • International seminar - at the beginning of 2019. It will bring together representatives of partners (environmental youth organisations). We will share our past experiences of working with and on grassroots movements, we will identify the successful methods and tools and also things that need to be improved. We will establish the learning goals of the organisations for the whole project.
  • Webinars - spring-summer 2019. Several online meetings will be organised and we will focus on concrete topics. The experienced trainers will deliver sessions connected to the topic of the project. They will be decided later and based on the needs of organisations. The examples of possible webinars: basics of project management; youth participation; fundraising.
  • Training course - July 2019. The training course will bring together the youth workers from partners and experienced trainers will prepare a programme to develop their skills which are needed to support local communities and local grassroots movements: how to get funding, how to attract young people, how to organise the work of volunteers, how to make successful projects. The training course will be followed by YEE Annual Meeting 2019.
  • Local actions - autumn 2019. The selected partners who identify concrete environmental problems in their local communities will receive funds from the project to organise local actions with young people. This way you will be able to practise the skills obtained during the previous activities.

Profile of the project team member:

  • Participated in an international activity before;
  • Actively involved in environmental youth organisation - as an employee or youth worker;
  • Interested in the topic of local environmental actions and youth participation;
  • Agrees to follow YEE Values.

Role of project team member:

  • Helping YEE to finalise the project application;
  • Attending at least one physical preparatory meeting;
  • Taking part in preparation, implementation (attending all international activities) and evaluation of the project;
  • Preparing the sessions and facilitating them;
  • Selecting the participants.

What you can gain:

  • Practice and experience in preparing a long-term project, facilitating sessions, working with an international team;
  • Deeper knowledge about the topic of local actions, grassroots movements and ways of promoting them;
  • Valuable work experience which can be used in future projects.

YEE Call for project team