The volunteering activity in YEE 2018

We are happy to share good news from YEE office! We received the grant to host two long-term volunteers in YEE office in Prague - the project will start in September this year.

We would like to introduce to you our future volunteers - Femke and Eurgain. Read more about them below and find out about YEE volunteering project here.

Eurgain Phylip:

"Hi! My name is Eurgain and I’m from Wales. I grew up around the west coast, seaside town of Aberystwyth, that is surrounded by luscious green hills and mountains. Due to the nature surrounding me in my childhood, I’ve always been aware of the importance of the environment and its protection. I studied Human Geography at University as I was interested in the relationship between humans, politics and the environment, and how these three things in turn affect each other. I’ve wanted to work in the NGO and charity sector for a while but for the last 5 years have been working in the field of Human Resources. As my passion lay elsewhere and with myself always wanting to do an EVS program, I decided that life is short and grabbed the chance to apply for this volunteering opportunity with YEE. I believe that empowering young people to believe that change can start with them is really important and this is why I applied for an EVS with YEE as I am interested in how YEE engage young people in campaigns and how they work together with different organisations across Europe towards one goal. I’m looking forwards to joining the team in September and to immerse myself in a new language and culture."


Femke Lootens:

"My name is Femke Lootens and I am very happy that I will start in September as an EVS volunteer at YEE. Currently I am teaching natural sciences in a secondary school. Before that, I was interning with Earth Charter International in Costa Rica as part of my master studies in environmental sciences. I love environmental youth work and have been involved in many projects ranging from an urban farm, student mobilization to the climate conference in Paris, greening universities, and many more.

During all these experiences, I felt that there are many trends in our communities and global society to be upset about. However, at the same time there are people all over the world trying to make it better. These include many youth that are engaging themselves to solve the challenges that will affect them the most. This gives me hope and strength to keep on engaging myself for an Earth which is more just, peaceful and sustainable then it is today.

I first heard of the possibility to apply for the EVS position after participating in an amazing training session on gender and environmental youth work from YEE and the Council of Europe. I was immediately interested because YEE is working in the field of my two greatest passions, being youth work and sustainability. I am looking forward to get more insights in how to effectively support member organizations in making a positive change, meet and learn from inspiring people and enjoy the culture and surrounding nature of Prague."