YEE at European Youth Forum COMEM 2018

Photo taken by European Youth ForumYEE was represented at the Council of Members of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) which took place on 27-28 April 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. Natalia Luchko from the Secretariat attended the event and is happy to report back from it.

During an intensive two-day meeting a lot of things were discussed and worked on. The reports from the Board and Secretariat were presented, as well as results of the Gender Watch from the previous COMEM (November 2017, Portugal). There were also great opportunities for YFJ members to share their knowledge and skills in workshops which they were invited to organize beforehand. Natalia attended the workshop organised by IYNF and FYEG on sustainability.

There was also some voting and work on accepting documents. The meeting was productive and very important for YEE as sustainability was a present topic in this COMEM.

Check out the approved documents:

YEE will be paying attention to the future projects of YFJ which will be developed following the Policy Paper on Sustainable Development.

You can find more information about COMEM and other approved documents here.

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The photo from European Youth Forum archive