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Our MOs Officer Ketevan Kochladze representing YEE at EuroDIG!

The YouthDIG & EuroDIG meeting has been held in Tbilisi earlier this month. Our Member Organisations Officer, Ketevan Kochladze, represented YEE at EuroDIG 2018!

Who can make progress? The only way we can progress is by coming together, working together and finding solutions together! Internet is indispensable in everyone’s lives. It should be an open and safe place!

I am happy I could attend the High level Multi Stakeholder dialogue Youth DIG and EuroDIG; it was very useful for me both at the professional and personal level and I believe I can also bring many interesting topics back to YEE - Youth and Environment Europe Network!

Youth Dialogue on Internet Governance focuses on the EuroDIG Agenda and prepares young people for their participation in EuroDIG. It was my first Youth DIG and I represented YEE — Youth And Environment Europe.
Youth interested in Internet Governance processes gathered at Tech Park, Georgia, on 3rd June 2018. We attended very interesting meetings led by Rui Gomes, Larry Strickling, Youth Experts and YOUthDIG programme committee members; we also explored Tech Park Startups!
Youth Dig was very interesting: I was inspired by experts, my notebook was full of notes after every session! The program was well shaped, participants were very open and created a good learning environment for the preparation of young people for EuroDIG.

Internet is complex! Human rights in the age of new media: how does it relate to Internet governance? What is "multi-stakeholderism"? How to take decisions and how meaningful is youth participation in IG? We discussed these and many more interesting topics!
After the first day, a nice meeting was offered by ElaCi Culinary Institute: we explored Georgian traditional food and attend a masterclass! It was a very nice evening!
We were working together to shape YouthDIG messages and with my colleagues, I represent it during the EuroDIG: Please watch the video
I think about YouthDIG everyday, I am very proud I was actively involved in YouthDIG and I hope to be part of this amazing dialogue during the next meeting! Check out the detailed programme, the video of the event and the Evening Gala meeting.

The European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) is the oldest and largest regional Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Secretary General
and Wolf Ludwig led EuroDIG daily work and made Euro Dialogue successful by ensuring continuity and relations among partners. It was born in 2008 and, since then, EuroDIG has been travelling around Europe and it is held every year in many European countries! In 2018 EuroDIG was in Tbilisi, Georgia! Starting #EuroDIG18 in Tbilisi with the keynote speech by video from Eu Commissioner Maria Gabel: I was very excited when during her video speech highlighting environment and carbon footprint _ sustainability of the Internet & ICT!

After Participating in EuroDIG, I can say that this dialogue is super open and it represents a multilateral European platform to exchange opinions and best practices on how to manage Internet. I am very proud to be part and working with the amazing team, to shape several sessions and to be a remote moderator during the meetings. I met different stakeholders from governmental, private, academic and non-governmental sectors. Many international organizations were actively engaged in the work of the forum; we passionately discussed and changed our views on various topics related to Internet development.

Over 500 guests, high-rank representatives, speakers, experts and participants! Within the framework of the dialogue, we discussed all the issues related to Internet management and the development of the digital economy including human rights protection in Internet, freedom of expression, copyright protection, data protection regulations (GDPR), cyber security, access to Internet, development of the telecommunication infrastructure, accessibility in Internet in communities, domains, protection of children’s rights, digital economy, e-commerce, blockchain, digital literacy, innovations, etc. (Please view full program!)

During EuroDIG we had a very interesting flash session about E-Participation in shaping a greener environment sharing interesting examples. I want to express gratitude to speakers and participants of the session. EuroDIG is a brilliant model of how a multi-stakeholder discussion forum can be created. My head is full of new information, energy and connections! I feel empowered by the amazing International Dialogue which happened in Tbilisi.

There is no other greater source of inspiration and motivation than discussing in such high level meetings different aspects of Internet Governance. For me, it was a great experience to work together in Tbilisi!

And now flags go to the Netherlands! EuroDIG 2019 will be in Holland!
Thank YouthDIG and EuroDIG for everything and I hope to meet you at next EuroDIG!

Written by: Ketevan Kochladze