News from YEE Annual Meeting 2018

YEE Member Organisations’ delegates, Board and Secretariat, gathered for 3 days in the eco-center Slunakov, Czech Republic for the Annual Meeting. This year’s meeting was full of emotions and creative ideas, as well as some big expectations for the future.

The Annual Meeting is an opportunity to reflect on what was done by the Board and Secretariat during the whole year, but also to plan the next steps when it comes to YEE’s structure and activities. The General Assembly approved the budget for 2018 as well as the draft budget for 2019 and adopted 5 projects for the YEE Work Plan 2019, with 3 projects initiated by Member Organisations. The meeting also included a long-term reflection about YEE’s focus for the next few years in order to shape the new Strategic Plan for 2020-2022.

The Annual Meeting is a time for big changes in YEE. The General Assembly decided to welcome two new Member Organisations in the network: Common Sense Youth Organisation from Azerbaijan as a full member, and Milieukontakt Albania as an associate member. A new Board was also elected! We congratulate Elen Karapetyan from Yeghvard as Chairperson, Daniela Para from Gutta Club as Treasurer, Tea Zeqaj from EDEN as Project Officer, Tamara Panic from the Young Researchers of Serbia as Promo and Publications Officer, Kristīne Štikāne from Balta Daba as Member Organisations Officer, and Tiarnan O’Doherty from Eco-Unesco as External Relations Officer for being elected board members. The General Assembly elected Jovana Mirjanic (Young Researchers of Serbia) and Stefan Rudel (FOJ-Aktiv) as the new Internal Auditors.

Finally, the Annual Meeting is the best way to come together, build relations and reinforce the network. These 3 days were used to create a team spirit among Member Organisations delegates, former and new members of the Board, and Secretariat. We enjoyed playing games, sharing meals, as well as spending nice evenings together.

Curious about the new YEE projects? More information coming soon, keep your eyes open!