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Coline's goodbye article

My EVS is coming to an end! What to say? This was a very busy year, full of discoveries, learning, friendship and emotions. I gained in confidence, I learnt tuns of new things and I met great people from all around Europe and beyond.

When I started my EVS, I had no idea that I would work with a cow, explore deep caves in wild Moravia, be a facilitator in a training course, learn how to cut wood with a chainsaw and make such close friends. I am really thankful to YEE for this huge opportunity and for giving me the space to try new things, to acquire new skills and to grow up.

I would like to thank warmly Natasha, Mercedes, Roxana, Masha, Cansu and Cristian for their precious support and their trust. I learnt a great deal from all of you, you made this year very special.

I leave YEE with my head full of memories, a different mindset and a new direction. Time to fly away… I hope to be back soon!