Goodbye from Cristian

I perfectly remember the day I arrived in Toulcův Dvůr for the first time.

It was the end of August 2017 (August 31st, to be precise) and I got out of the bus 177 (I can now say my dear bus 177: I took it every morning at 9.46am from Zahradni Mesto, direction Chodov!); I was wearing short pants and sleepers – bad choice, since the air in Czech Republic was way chiller than in Italy!

The beauty of Toulcův Dvůr, its immediate hospitality, its old-fashion charm instantly bewitched me... I stepped into YEE office, hesitant, where I have been welcomed by three smiling girls (that soon became Natasha, Mercedes and Roxana) and a funny black cat (Knedlikooooone beeeellloo cicccio!).

While writing this goodbye article, the last one after a long series, I am from time to time looking outside the window, in the direction of the same Toulcův Dvůr yard that welcomed me so nicely exactly 12 months ago…

My biggest thank goes to Natasha for everything she did for me and everything I learned from her;
thanks to Mercedes and Roxana for their smiling welcome and for having shared my EVS’s first months;
thanks to Coline for having being my EVS companion;
thanks to Gosia for her support and kindness;
thanks to Masha and Cansu and good luck with your future in YEE;
thanks to YEE old Board (Keti, Aram, Daniela, Niall, Stefan) and Zara, it was a real pleasure to work and have fun with you;
thanks to YEE new Board (Elen, Daniela, Tea, Kristine, Tamara, Tiarnan) and good luck for your experience in YEE;
thanks to all the people that work in Toulcův Dvůr for all the coffees and cigarettes and meals we shared together;
thanks to my EVS friends, especially to Dolores and Luis, for having being such amazing buddies;
thanks to the Czech National Agency and the European Commission for giving young European great opportunities.
And thanks to you, for making everything special.

Thank you all,