Volunteering in world biosphere

Workcamp in Xuan Thuy national park, Vietnam

This special program is an opportunity for volunteers to share difficulties with local community and reserve enviroment in Xuan Thuy national park. Besides, we hope to bring members a meaningful volunteer program combine with ecological tourism, refreshment and cultural exchange.


During the work camp, volunteers would have as many chances as possible to contact with local people, discover their cultures as well as help the community reserve their unique living environment and ecosystem in Xuan Thuy national park. A "culture-exchange day" would be held to promote the understanding within different groups of people and between international
volunteers and Vietnamese people.
Throughout the year, various trips are arranged for volunteers. The objectives of the excursions are to be fun but more importantly to protect the ecosystem in Xuan Thuy National Park. The trips include water parks, walks and beach trips or tree plantings in the small islands. Volunteers will go with
local Young Union by board to gather waste in water parks and see the beauty of natural ecosystem with variety of plans and bird species in National Park.


All Vietnamese and international volunteers will live in home of local or guesthouse; coordinate with the local Youth Union to:

  • Teach English; create more conducive education and studying conditions for the village children. Depending upon English language skills and duration at the project, volunteers can join the local teacher on the outreach program.
  • Organize activities or campaigns to tidy up the river banks, guide local and tourist to throw waste in right place, clear the beach or water in the national park. Furthermore, living with locals, volunteers also promote the eco-tourism in the national park to help to improve the living standard of the local people and protect ecosystem in national park.
  • Plant more trees at verge forest and public in village to protect the environment and wildlife. Distributing leaflets and working with the cadres of the reserve to educate and a raise the people´s consciousness about natural forest protection.
  • Develop eco-tourism and to raise awareness about ecological protection. They will be involved in planting trees, cleaning the beach, and building garbage storage in the national park. Volunteers will also organize informal English classes for the local people in the community building to encourage them to communicate in English.


Xuan Thuy National Park is facing the decline of resources due to over-fishing and aquaculture activities, especially shellfish aquaculture and wetland mangrove destruction for shrimp aquaculture. Local communities have little idea of how to protect environment and use the ecosystems effectively. Therefore, together with the Youth Union, local authorities, volunteers will help to raise awareness of the local people about environmental protection and the ecology systems. Volunteers can organize workshops and activities to tidy up the river banks, beach as well as the national park.
Moreover, most of children and locals don´t have many chances to communicate with foreigners. It will be very great chance for them to improve their self-confidence or practice their English when international volunteers teach them. Therefore, they can more effectively cooperate with foreigner people to protect the environment and develop eco-tourism. Volunteer will work with local organizations that provide education and organize for local people and encourage them to communicate in English. Volunteers open the children's eyes to the possibilities for their future and
can provide English speaking lessons to give them a chance of a better future.


The project is based in Xuan Thuy national park, the first Ramsar Site in Vietnam, in Giao Thuy distric, Nam Dinh province, Viet Nam. Xuan Thuy national park is one of the most beautiful mangrove forests in South East Asia. The site composes of various habitats including mangroves, wetlands, salt mash, estuaries and beaches with high biodiversity. The national park is luscious green and the home of tropical and migratory birds or Birdlife Red List, such as Black-face spoon bill, wild goose, black coot and eight others which are known to be most threatened with extinction.
The villages around Xuan Thuy national park is about 150 km by road from Hanoi having many restaurants and cafes as well as cultural activities. Volunteers stay in the Giao Xuan commune, situated only ten minutes rising bicycle from the villages to the national park, fifteen minutes going by bicycle to the home town (Ngo Dong town) of Xuan Thuy. This really is the perfect place to make the most of this diverse country.


You can join the project for a minimum of one week up to three months (extensions are sometimes possible). Volunteers take part in various activities from teaching, assisting local staffs and ecosystem protecting programs. Your specific placement will be decided shortly before arrival at
the project, depending upon the needs at the time and your relevant abilities. Your free time can be spent relaxing, exploring the local area, take a tour in Xuan Thuy national park or socializing with the other volunteers.

*A Typical Day may be:

8am to 10.30am planning trees, tidy up the river banks.
1.30pm to 4pm teaching and assisting the local staff.

* These are only examples of what your days activities may be, the projects are continually evolving and their requirements of volunteers may change before your arrival. Rest assured we are very flexible with volunteers personal needs and expect the same flexibility in return.

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