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Urban gardening workshop

3ws gardenOn 20th of March, I did a workshop about urban gardening in Toulcuv Dvur. It was part of my EVS personal project.

During all this year I focused to learn about gardening in small places, like pots, window sills or terraces.  I had the opportunity to learn during the Spring and Summer of 2013. At the end of my EVS it was the moment to share all what I learnt and my expereiences. 

15 people took part on the workshop. Czech, Spanish, French and Romanian where the nationalities of the people who came. 

We first watched 2 presentations focused on techniques, examples and how to grow tomatoes specially. After we cooked a salad, collected the seeds and parts of the plants that can be growed again. Like lettuce that can be re-grown again from the bottom of the plant.

Later we sew different herbs and veggies in various upcycled pots. Like the leaflet from the 30 years campaign that can be changed to a pot to sow lettuce. We used also toilet paper rolls and plastic bottles. 

This activity was planned to encourage the people to grow some vegetables at home and be more connected with the nature. It was succesful and soon we will see how the plants of the participants grow in their window sills. 


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