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Mid-Term meeting in Ždar nad Sazavou

Hey, Coline and Cristian here!
We just came back from our mid-term meeting in Zďár nad Sázavou (from January 5th to January 9th, 2018), a lovely town between Prague and Brno and we can`t really wait to share our beautiful experience with you!

The mid-term meeting represented a very important moment for at least two reasons.
At first, it gave us the opportunity to reflect about our previous four months, our current situation, the next eight months and potential plans and ideas after August, when our EVS will be over. Our trainers Bara, Lucie and Petr organised a series of activities to facilitate both self-reflection and group-reflection processes, such as walking alone in the forest, conversations in pairs on a chosen topic, workshops about how to stay in Czech Republic after your EVS, how to start a business, how to apply for a Czech university or how to attend a job interview.

What can we say?
Our first four months have been simply amazing! We love our job, our colleagues are great, we are learning a lot and Prague is the best city in the world... can we ask for more? We are very proud of what we are doing in YEE and we are ready to work hard during the New Year 2018, which is going to be full of activities and projects.
About our live after EVS, well... we are not really thinking about it, it makes us a bit sad and, to be honest, we are not even sure whether there is life after EVS!

The second reason why the midterm meeting was such a special moment is that we met again the friends we left after the on arrival training. Staying together for five days was really incredible! Our group is united, various, dynamic, we have regularly visited each other... we are literally living this experience together! It was interesting to discover Christmas traditions in other countries (in Czech Republic, carps and potatoes salads are must!), to discuss together problems we are facing and find solutions, to share our previous four months and discuss about future plans.
Particularly fun was the Open Space Session in which we had to organise a forty minutes` workshop on a chosen topic: Coline delivered a beautiful lesson about French language while in Cristian`s workshop we composed our EVS song. And then dancing traditional Czech dances, singing Czech songs, discover Czech music and movie festivals...
There are too many things we would like to tell you and we would really like to name one by one each participant and trainer, but to make things easy we just say... thank you!

Cristianek a Colinka